BENTZ...Pitch Deck

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drag box around for posBentz was founded by the artist collabortion of US fashion designers sisters and best friends, Melissa & Kim Bentz. Together the sister team create and design stunningly beautiful luxury handbags, made in Italy and embellished with their signature one of a kind dazzling Swarovski crystal strap. 

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drag box aroundIn June of 2016, the team had the honor of joining Swarovski as a proud branding partner, every designers DREAM! There are only 201 branding partners in the world!



BENTZ..About Us



Winner of the Design EXcellence Awards 2019. Accessories Council

Finalist for the Rising Star 2020! The Fashion Group International 

Our brand offers more than offers blessings and wishes!

Each handbag will come with this custom Swarovski inspirational Penny.

BENTZ...We give our customers an experience unlike our competiters. A reason to buy!

Design/Utility Patent on our custom Swarovski handles

Swarovski designed custom colored beads exclusivly for Bentz

BENTZ...Our Patents & Exclusivity

Worldwide Patent on our custom Swarovski Insperational Penny!

Yana Ostrova


Accessories Design Consultant



Michael Nelson

Design Consultant/Graphic Designer

Liz Friedman

EF Luxury Consulting, LLC

Sales, Distribution & Retail Strategy

Louis Wu

Patent Attorney


Nadine Arzt

Blue Sky Consulting LLc

Sales & Marketing Management



Geraldine Morley


Handbag Design Consultant

Yuri Iskhakov


Web Design/Ecommerce/Strategy

Doug Bend

Bend Law Group

Legal Council 


Rachel Fischbein

Law On The Runway

Fashion Attorney

BENTZ...Our Team

Merchandising Plan

Sales/Marketing Strategy

-Launch exclusive select products on line

-Special promotion campaigns

-Wholesale Rep distribution (Nationwide channels & abroad)

-Advertising media fashion publications (Nationwide & abroad)

-Resort locations/High end boutiques

-Social media blogger/Google ads/Social media ads/influencer exposure campaigns 

-Press media events/ A/C Council/Swarovski

-Fashion trade shows

 Needed Capital Investment

-Continued web development

-Marketing advertising

-Team (NY design team, Graphic design imagery, wholesale reps)

-Hardware development

-Inventory (Swarovski crystals, leathers...etc.

-Mfg. production (showroom samples, mass production)



-Office expense



BENTZ...How we plan to use the capital & our marketing strategy

Miles Chamley Watson

British-born American fencer.

2013 Individual Foil World Champion

Billy Idol

Rock Star

Kevin O'Leary

Mr. Wonderful

Shark Tank

Marc Jacobs

American Fashion Designer

Karen Giberson

President & CEO Accessories Council

Maye Musk

American Model

Steve Wozniak

Co-Founded Apple Inc.

Rebecca & Uri Minkoff

Global Fashion Brand

Brother & Sister

While in Saudi Arabia Janet Wozniak gifted the Crown Prince's wife a Bentz Handbag!

BENTZ...We Network well!