Melissa & Kim Bentz


Bentz Luxury products were featured in the Swarovski Crystal pop-up shop in NYC December 2017.

Artist Collabration

-Josie Stevens

"I love girls who follow their dreams & don't let obstacles stand in their way. I see so clearly the way we sell your bags to girls & how to market it, you are the product, not the bags, even though the bags are great-you're selling a strong feminist dream of luxury & style & I'm feeling it! XOXO"


Wonderful personal friends and amazing ongoing mentorship

from the greatest!

Janet & Steve Wozniak

Bentz Luxury was accepted into the prestigious Accessories Council November 2017.

Swarovski Branding Partner

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The 'Ziggy' crossbody was featured on the Swarovski crystal blog 'Love Wins'

Bentz Luxury has been featured in several publications

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