This is the feel that I would like the extras and bar room fillers to make. As said in the script land of misfit toys.

Good refrence for  girls in background


Carlo Francone and his buddies.

This is the feel I would like for them.

Refrences for Carlo and mob guys. Most high wasited dress pants you have and white button downs and fedoras. 

Iphigenia Spurs and Buckaroo

* not sure if we have a cowgirl drag outfit so here is some other possibilities?

Here are some ideas for Stella. I really like the refrence image in the middle kinda pink and full on glamour.  Working within our budget = just add feathers and jewels to this character. 

This is a modern interpretation of what I was thinking for the MC. Black pants with a white shirt, sleeves rolled up and suspenders. 

Here is a 50s waiter. IWe might not be able to be perfectly accurate but this fancy in contrast to the patron of the bar? 

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