H0002 - Wool

H0003 - Cashmere

H0001 - Harris Tweed

H0004 - Harris Tweed

H0006 - Harris Tweed

H0005 - Harris Tweed

H0007 - Harris Tweed

H0008 - Harris Tweed

H0009 - Harris Tweed

H0010 - Wool

H0011 - Harris Tweed


H0013 - Cleo in Pink Harris Tweed

H0014 - Cleo in Blue Harris Tweed

H0017 - Harris Tweed Fedora

H0018 - Harris Tweed Fedora

H0019 - Melusine Fedora

H0020 - Large Brimmed Fedora

H0021 - Hobo hat

H0022 - Pork Pie Fedora

Herald and Heart Hatters have been at the forefront of designing and making bespoke, collection and ready-to-wear hats for over twenty years. We have experience working in realms of the theatrical, high fashion, retail and one-on-one client basis. We pride ourselves on creating work and products which we can be and are passionate about.

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