OAK'S Men's Elite Socks
SKU 000001
Retail Price 5000
Available in various colours
OAK Elite socks provide extra cushioning & allow feet to stay dry & cool. It's not just a sock
Ignite Igbo Red Cap
SKU 00000023
Retail Price 550
Available in different colour and sizes
The red Cap is a symbol of authority, of culture and of tradition of the Igbo people. It represents the institution of Chieftaincy, of power and of leadership.
Calvin Klein's Men Brief
SKU 00000034
Retail Price 1500
100% Cotton. Available in Black & White
Calvin Klein Iron Strength Collection is designed with performance in mind, but has high fashion style. The nylon stretch fabric is both sleek and moves with you all day long.
Sisiano Men's Gown
SKU 00003
Retail Price N3000
Available in grey & black.
Ignite Varsity Jacket
Retail Price N7000
Cotton & Leather. Available on in Grey. Free delivery in Lagos.
Knitted Head Warmer
Retail Price N3670
Available in all colours
Yankee's Base Cap
Retail Price N9800
Available in white & black.
Denim Jacket
SKU 00000000082
Retail Price N9000
Available is faded black & blue.
Sleeveless Denim Jacket.
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