Give it ot me!

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Experienced fighter
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Looking for some love
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Dangerously sweet one
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Purrfect one
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Naked ninja

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Pure perfection

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Lickstarter is a new and fresh company from Latvia. We make handmade underwear locally to celebrate and honor womanhood all around the globe and we are doing it with an attitude. We are delighted about our product and the values we stand for. It all started as a fun idea for a gift to our friends. We are like cats, so we can act however we want to, if we feel like it, we can purr all day long and if we need it, we can scratch and meow as well! From a few birthday gifts, this has grown into a successful and inspiring business. We have been selling our products from United States of America to Japan, from Israel to Thailand since year 2014. Currently Lickstarter offers the pussycat and flower panties, and there are more to come. Lickstarter strongly believes in gender equality and stands for women's rights to be satisfied with their life. Be proud, because you are a special and unique woman, embrace it! We want to raise awareness of open minded world views and increase acceptance of diverse choices, so that women are proud of themselves. Let's love ourselves and treat ourselves with small pleasures of life like some marvelous underwear.

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