CALEDONIA started life as a series of urban fantasy novels written by Scottish folklorist, historian, and monster specialist Amy Hoff.



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Combining the lush and gorgeous sweeping scenery of Scotland, with a Scottish cast and crew, Caledonia reflects the romance of Scotland along with the daily life of Glasgow

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Diversity is Key


Caledonia aims to represent the culture of a modern-day Glasgow, with a variety of races, religions, classes, and cultures. Today's audiences and entertainment are becoming more and more diverse in order to reflect the real world and so audiences can see representation of themselves onscreen.r

Diverse Sexualities


There has been a call for more bisexual characters on television, and more representation of various sexualities.


Dorian Grey, Leah's partner, is an openly bisexual Victorian selkie.

CALEDONIA has been featured at LA Web Fest, Bilbao Web Fest, Korea Web fest, I Filmmaker Festival, ScreamVention, and more.


Despite the darkness of some of its subject matter, Caledonia still finds time for romance, and the Glaswegian sense of humour...

...with further themes of friendship, loyalty, and the question of immortality.

In short, Caledonia is an urban fantasy adventure with diversity and humour, in a universe that can be expanded and almost any storyline is available given the unique world the characters inhabit.


It's got a Glaswegian heart and a Scottish soul, welcoming any and all people everywhere who call Scotland home.

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