Nelson Were

Heart Collection 2017


For where your treasure is... your heart will be also.


Iconic. Timeless.

Our collection is inspired by the most recognisable geometric shape of them all –the heart.

Our new line highlights the importance of keeping your most treasured possessions

in a fashionable, elegant bag.

All the silhouettes of our new bags have emerged from a segment of a heart shape.

Nelson has created a fusion of the heart shape and his passion of creating structured pieces, which has now become his signature style. Each bag is individually crafted, and with our distinctive, geometric designs any bag from this collection will be the perfect accessory to compliment your outfit.


Nelson Were is a new and exciting, high quality brand of designer leather bags and accessories. All of these original and trendsetting designs are exclusively designed and lovingly handcrafted by Nelson Were himself. Each piece is individually handmade to order using traditional leather craft techniques and high quality leather sourced from businesses within Great Britain

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