Tarte Tatin - Silk Stories to wear - Made in Italy






Tarte Tatin creates high-quality silk accessories and clothing, working with international illustrators who share the brand’s spirit. The drawn characters and patterns tell stories to wear. Tarte Tatin is a 100% Made in Italy project by Valeria De Bruno. Art tales on silk To create its timeless collection, Tarte Tatin has asked Philip Giordano, Claudia Palmarucci, Michele Rocchetti, Gaia Stella and Lisa Gelli, five renowned Italian illustrators, to draw little stories on silk. The result are Tarte Tatin’s unique characters and patterns, designed on foulard, pochette, neck-ties and blouses. Each foulard is signed by the author, each garment tells a timeless story. “Babette, il pavone bluette”, “Ottavio, il pavone ottanio”, “The Circus”, “The Forest”, “Rebel rebel” and “Irina, the intrepid ballerina” are the characters and the themes of this collection.

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