Farina Bakery
Farina Bakery provides wholesale Parisian macarons to local cafes in the Portland, Oregon area, in addition to fulfilling a multitude of various dessert and pastry desires. Whether it be a treasured box of delicate, colorful macarons or a wedding cake to serve 200 hungry guests, Farina Bakery is here to help you spread the joy!

Meet the

Vanilla Bean
Vanilla macaron is filled with a vanilla bean buttercream. Rich and dreamy, this macaron is sure to please most everyone!
Raspberry macaron is filled buttercream made with local Oregon raspberries. Adorned by a moon of hearts, this macaron is a perfect gift for the ones you love (Think: Valentine's Day?)
Salty Caramel
Salty Caramel macaron is filled with none other than...salty caramel! The smooth, sweet and salty filling makes this macaron simply irresistible. Thank you Jacobsen's Salt Co. for the fleur de sel!
Pistachio macaron filled with pistachio buttercream. Good golly they're divine!
Marion Berry
Oregon Marion berry macaron filled with a white chocolate marionberry ganache. Native to Oregon, the Marion berry is a real treasure- bite into one of these and experience bliss!
Chocolate Hazelnut
Chocolate shell brushed with gold filled with a smooth hazelnut ganache. If you're a fan of Nutella, this is your macaron!
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