Beach Babes

Immaculate Brows is an ideal location for beach and sun loving babes to stop by for their brow fix

Immaculate Brows and Brand Representation


Grande Brow is the IT brand. Promo structure must feature Grande Brow contests, coupons, and giveaway. Influencers receive Grande Brow product. Part of Immaculate Brow strategy must include access points to Grande Cosmetics influencers.

Your shop, your life

Videos are imperative! Pop up shops with local designers (recommended Katharine Story), hairstylists, and artists is highly recommended. Structure pop ups to occur on weekends as this will encourage drop ins and give ample time during the week to build hype!

Support for Local Coffee Shops

This is an intersection point for Immaculate Brows demographics- teenagers through savvy elderly women will ALL be here. Your target and wider markets exist here. Connecting with them on social will be crucial- with the goal to have regular (weekly) interaction as well as reciprocal follows from all (roughly 10) LB coffee shops .

Brow Decorating

No other eyebrow stylists or shops are doing this in Orange County; recommend introducing this via promo event for existing client influencers, models, and photographers.

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